Yr 5/6 Swimming Small Schools Competition 09/01/2016 – by Anna Kingston & Sasha Lishman

IMG_0267Various children from our class got chosen to enter a swimming competition in Hambleton leisure centre. Many other schools came to the event; they were: Appleton Wiske, Kirkby Fleetham, Ainderby Steeple, East Cowton and South Otterington (us!). The first race was freestyle then breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly, medley relay last but not least the freestyle relay. We did a cannon relay but that was for fun and didn’t affect the scores. We won the back stroke, came second in freestyle, third in breast stroke, second in butterfly, first in the medley and second in the freestyle overall we came second and that’s the best we have ever done!

Sainsbury Sports Small Schools Netball tournament 10/02/16 – by Joe Tart & Alex Brigginshaw

On Wednesday 10th February 2016 we went to the netball small schools tournament. We took two teams one south Otterington blacks and one south Otterington reds. We went in with a high spirit and put 101% effort in to winning. There were two pitches one pitch A another pitch B. the first matches were:
South Otterington blacks vs East Cowton
South Otterington reds vs Appleton wiske
The next games were,
South Otterington blacks vs South Otterington reds

South Otterington blacks vs Ainderby Steeple
South Otterington reds vs East Cowton

South Otterington reds vs Ainderby Steeple
South Otterington reds vs Appleton Wiske

We left the tournament with South Otterington blacks winning the tournament to collect gold and South Otterington reds coming in 3rd to receive the bronze medal and South Otterington blacks go to the finals…..
By Alex and Joe Tart

IMG_0336 IMG_0338

Sainsbury School Sports Hambleton area Sports Hall Athletics Final 29/01/16 – by Joe Tosh & Deacon Laverick

carlton lodge and sports 330 carlton lodge and sports 329 carlton lodge and sports 285carlton lodge and sports 331

On the 29th of January 2016,                                                                                                                               31 pupils from the school visited Easingwold to compete in sports hall athletics final. Everyone was in high spirits as the tension passed through their brains. The time had come every one was ready to sprint through the race, the whistle blew and the games had begun the boys started on the field events and did amazing the girls sprinted into actions with three wins in a row. Everyone was ready for lunch so we went upstairs to get some. After that we had all come own and ready to do it again. The races were the same but the boys were doing track events when the girls were doing field events. Great inspiration grew from the crowd of the South Otterington bench. The boys had great start winning almost all of the races. The time had come the medal unfortunately we only came fourth but that was not the end of us.

Healthy Sports Week in Green Class, Monday 18th May 2015

At 2.30 on Monday we went outside to do some climbing on the mobile climbing wall. Before we could go on the wall we had to put on a helmet and a harness to keep us safe.There were four sections on the climbing wall and we all got the chance to climb up each section. There were two easy sections and two harder sections. If anyone managed to get to the top, there was a button to press which sounded a buzzer and then you had to use your feet to jump backwards down the wall. Everyone had a good go and tried their best and a special well done to Megan, Baxter, Laurence, Jake, Rubie, Isabel and Ethan because they got to the top and pressed the buzzer.

Yr 5/6 Girls football – 25th November 2014

girls football 14On Tuesday 25th November 2014 the Yr 5/6 Girls football team took part in the Hambleton area football tournament at Thirsk High School. It’s fair to say that although the girls were excited, they were also incredibly nervous. Their first match was against Easingwold who happened to go on and win the tournament, so the girls had a tough introduction to the tournament. Although we only scored the 1 goal (well done Leah!) the girls never gave up and they played better and better as the morning went on. You showed great sportsmanship and determination girls, well done!!

Yr 5/6 Boys Football – 5th November 2014

boys football 14 boys football 142On Wednesday 5th November the Yr 5/6 boys football team took part in the Small Schools football tournament at Allertonshire School. The boys played really well and managed to win 3 games, draw 2 and lost 2. Overall they came 5th out of 9 teams, although they actually scored the same amount of goals as the team who won the tournament. Well played boys!!

Sainsbury School Games KS2 Cross Country – 23rd October 2014

On Wednesday 23rd October all of the KS2 children took part in the Small Schools Cross Country Competition. The teachers have been helping the children to improve their endurance fitness by including lots of running during PE lessons and it certainly paid off. This year we had the highest number of children qualifying to go through to the next round (18 in all, nearly 1 third of the children that we took). Well done children you ran really well and showed great determination. You also supported and encouraged each other throughout the morning showing great sportsmanship!!

KS1 Fun run – 8th October 2014

On Wednesday 8th October, the yr1 and yr2 girls and boys took part in the Small Schools KS1 fun run at East Cowton School. The children had a great morning with lots of fun. Mrs Knowles had been paying particular attention to improving the stamina of the children with lots of running around the field during PE lessons and it really paid off for the children at the fun run as they managed to win the most amount of points and were awarded with a trophy!! Well done children and well done Mrs Knowles!!

Yr 5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament – 29th May 2014

On Tuesday 29th May 2014, a team of yr 5/6 girls and boys took part in the Cluster Tag rugby tournament at Knayton HRAP. The children had a fantastic afternoon and played incredibly well as a team. Both their attacking and defensive skills showed that they had learnt well during after school rugby sessions. Every game was very close and although they didn’t qualify for the finals, they can be very proud of how they played in a very tough competition. Well done team!!