Spring Fair 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported the Spring Fair. We raised £266 and had a super afternoon! Well done to all the children who entered the various competitions.

Easter Paintings

Competition winners: Easter Paintings

Illustrated Spring Poems

Competition winners: Illustrated Spring Poems

Easter Hats

Competition winners: Easter Hats

Competition winner (Green/Yellow class): Lego Vehicle

Competition winner (Green/Yellow class): Lego Vehicle

Global Learning

This half term we are going to be finding out how to use the internet to learn with students all around the world. We are going to be using a website called padlet.com which enables people to share information really easily.

To compliment our topic “Amazing Journeys” we want to find out about the kinds of journeys other people make around the world. Green Class have started a padlet (click here) and we already have a reply from a school in Pakistan!

On a Wednesday afternoon Blue Class are going to be sharing their learning with Europedia School in Athens. They want to learn all about life in the UK and we hope in the summer they will help us with our studies of the Olympics!

What an amazing learning journey!

Sainsbury School sports boys football tournament and final 4/11/2015

On 4th November 2015 a team of 10 football players travelled to Northallerton a School to compete in the small schools football tournament. They played 3 games in all. They won their first game 3.0, they won their second game 4.0 and drew their third game 1.1. The boys won the competition and brought back a trophy to the school and secured the chance to play in the Hambleton finals. Well done boys. You played extremely well and your team work and good sportsmanship really stood out. You were a credit to your school.

sainsbury-football1 sainsbury-football2 sainsbury-football3

Marathon For Gaby

On Wednesday 14th October 2015 the whole school took part in a collective marathon to raise money for our good friend and ex South Otterington School pupil Gabrielle Alderson who is currently battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. All of the children from Reception through to Year 6, took their turn to run laps of the field to help to complete 26.2 miles. Such was the positive attitude and determination of the children that they actually went on to complete 39.4 miles (1.5 marathons). Overall £163.89 was raised. Well done children!

marathon1 marathon2 marathon3 marathon4 marathon5

Roman Workshops

Green Class and Blue Class enjoyed learning ALL about the Romans today. We looked at some different artifacts and had to guess what they were used for. Our Roman visitor Ron, introduced himself as ‘Ronulus’!!!! Below are some photos which show some of the things we learned about.


Guess what this was used for!!!


Ronulus showing Thomas how a Roman soldier would attack his opponent.


The class had to bid for a slave. Thea volunteered for the job and was sold very quickly!


Spring Fair 2015

After much preparation, the Spring Fair was finally here. Nearly everybody in the school attended, even though they didn’t need to. It took place between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 21st March. Overall, the school raised an incredible total of £323.73.

There was a long queue for the popular face paints.

The stalls also proved popular.

The refreshments in Purple Class were delicious.

The Easter Gardens in all their glory.

Blimey, that’s good.

Lego! Lego! Lego!


Solar Eclipse Excitement

As you may have noticed (because it was on the news many times) there was a Solar Eclipse on Friday 20th March. Did you see it? The pupils certainly did. At 9:25 we all came out and instantly looked up. The sky didn’t disappoint. Right up there, it was already happening. 90% of the Sun was covered by the Moon passing by. It was a wonderful sight, all of the children were enthralled by the awesome moment. A one (if you’re lucky, two) in a lifetime experience. It was a shame the clouds spoiled the moment; though everybody caught a glimpse of the natural phenomenon. Most people wandered back into their classrooms bewildered by the wonder they had just seen.

The Red Class pupils discuss their thoughts on the eclipse.

“Look at that!”

Blue Class testing their Colanders.

“Pose for the camera!”

By Owen Reed


Red Nose Day 2015

Tuesday 17th March marked a delayed Red Nose Day. The reason it wasn’t on Friday, you ask. Well, you can’t let the Year 6s miss out on the fun can you?

8:45am – Children turn up in all sorts of masks and their donations.

3:30pm – Purple class stalls; Cakes, Bracelets, Nails, DVDs and much more.

Overall, a very good day with the school raising a total of £126.31. Thank you for your help.

By Owen Reed

East Barnby – Epilogue

We’ve all arrived back safe and sound with a great experience under our belts. All of the Year 6s enjoyed it. Most of us wanted to do every single activity again and spend another week at the Centre. A few of us even wanted to take up one of the interesting activities as a hobby! We’re all getting back to normal life though will remember that week for decades to come.

On the last day we had a walk around Whitby. Here are some of the photos:

A beautiful view of Whitby from on top of the abbey hill.


Beautiful view #2

The lovely Chomley House


Foreground: Cholmley House                                                                         Background: The abbey ruins

Another fantastic picture with the abbey ruins in the background.

The group stop for a brief rest and History lesson.

Round the back of Cholmley House


Unsurprisingly, the girls found this man highly amusing.

The Celtic Cross stands tall and proud.

Whitby Harbor Pier which Dracula sailed through to arrive in the seaside town.

By Owen Reed

East Barnby – Final Chapter

The blogging team in their natural habitat.

Owen, Oliver and Harry attempting the ‘James Mosey’ pose.

‘Mosey’ Pose #2

Funny we should find the twins’ surname written on this rock!?!

Oscar and Jake enjoying the view.


“Get off my rock, Joe!”