Amazing Journeys!


IMG_1166IMG_1165Today we launched our new topic, Amazing Journeys!

In assembly time we had some special deliveries! Yellow Class received a back pack from Antarctica. Blue and Green Class received wooden boxes, elaborately covered in jewels. Red Class received a storage box, ready to go to space. We enjoyed opening our boxes and forming questions about our new areas of study!

Global Learning

This half term we are going to be finding out how to use the internet to learn with students all around the world. We are going to be using a website called which enables people to share information really easily.

To compliment our topic “Amazing Journeys” we want to find out about the kinds of journeys other people make around the world. Green Class have started a padlet (click here) and we already have a reply from a school in Pakistan!

On a Wednesday afternoon Blue Class are going to be sharing their learning with Europedia School in Athens. They want to learn all about life in the UK and we hope in the summer they will help us with our studies of the Olympics!

What an amazing learning journey!

Sainsbury Sports Small Schools Netball tournament 10/02/16 – by Joe Tart & Alex Brigginshaw

On Wednesday 10th February 2016 we went to the netball small schools tournament. We took two teams one south Otterington blacks and one south Otterington reds. We went in with a high spirit and put 101% effort in to winning. There were two pitches one pitch A another pitch B. the first matches were:
South Otterington blacks vs East Cowton
South Otterington reds vs Appleton wiske
The next games were,
South Otterington blacks vs South Otterington reds

South Otterington blacks vs Ainderby Steeple
South Otterington reds vs East Cowton

South Otterington reds vs Ainderby Steeple
South Otterington reds vs Appleton Wiske

We left the tournament with South Otterington blacks winning the tournament to collect gold and South Otterington reds coming in 3rd to receive the bronze medal and South Otterington blacks go to the finals…..
By Alex and Joe Tart

IMG_0336 IMG_0338

Safer Internet Day

This week we have been learning all about how to stay safe on the internet. We have been thinking about others and how to behave online. We want to make the internet a better place.

We started our week with a special assembly. We commented on posts that our teacher had made in the hall. We pretended they were online. We had to remember to think about our words before we posted and to be kind.

Remember, posts must be true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind! (THINK).







Sainsbury School Sports Hambleton area Sports Hall Athletics Final 29/01/16 – by Joe Tosh & Deacon Laverick

carlton lodge and sports 330 carlton lodge and sports 329 carlton lodge and sports 285carlton lodge and sports 331

On the 29th of January 2016,                                                                                                                               31 pupils from the school visited Easingwold to compete in sports hall athletics final. Everyone was in high spirits as the tension passed through their brains. The time had come every one was ready to sprint through the race, the whistle blew and the games had begun the boys started on the field events and did amazing the girls sprinted into actions with three wins in a row. Everyone was ready for lunch so we went upstairs to get some. After that we had all come own and ready to do it again. The races were the same but the boys were doing track events when the girls were doing field events. Great inspiration grew from the crowd of the South Otterington bench. The boys had great start winning almost all of the races. The time had come the medal unfortunately we only came fourth but that was not the end of us.

Our New Playground Equipment

Pic 2Our new playground equipment has been installed and is now officially open for use! On Monday, each class had their own playtime slot in order to try out the new trim trail and climbing frame. We are going to share the equipment on a rota basis throughout the week so that everyone can enjoy themselves without having to queue for too long! Thank you to everybody who helped to make the project possible.


“Wait for me!”


Some of the children in Blue Class trying out the new equipment; such fun!

Some of the children in Blue Class trying out the new equipment; such fun!

Sainsbury School sports boys football tournament and final 4/11/2015

On 4th November 2015 a team of 10 football players travelled to Northallerton a School to compete in the small schools football tournament. They played 3 games in all. They won their first game 3.0, they won their second game 4.0 and drew their third game 1.1. The boys won the competition and brought back a trophy to the school and secured the chance to play in the Hambleton finals. Well done boys. You played extremely well and your team work and good sportsmanship really stood out. You were a credit to your school.

sainsbury-football1 sainsbury-football2 sainsbury-football3