South Otterington Intra school hockey tournament 13/04/16 – by Natasha Farley & Rafi Huby

On Wednesday 13th April 2016, we held a hockey tournament between 3 South Otterington teams. The teams included a Black team, Orange team and a Red team.

The first match started; Blacks vs Reds. An early goal from Joe Tosh capped a positive start for the Blacks. Shortly after, a constant attacking threat from the Blacks followed, consequently leading to a 4-0 victory for the Blacks, with goals from Joe Tart, Rafi Carus Huby and Alex Brigginshaw.  Immediately, the second game commenced; Reds vs Oranges. The game started off strong for the Reds with two goals from Rory Barningham. Suddenly, a third goal was scored by Cody Holmes, a close-range drive into the bottom corner. And in the dying moments of the game, a consolation goal was scored by Charlie Pickersgill. The third and final match started; Blacks vs Oranges. Attack after attack from the dominant Blacks saw the result almost done. Or so it seemed. A rapid counter-attack from the Oranges saw the only goal of the game scored by Charlie Pickersgill. And the table finished as followed;

1.Blacks     1 Win     0 Draws     1 Loss     GD: 3     P: 3

2.Reds       1 Win     0 Draws     1 Loss     GD: -2    P: 3

3.Oranges  1 Win     0 Draws     1 Loss     GD: -1    P: 3


By Rafi Carus Huby & Natasha Farley