Y5/6 Tennis Tournament

On Friday 16th September 2016 Matthew, Tom, Elena and Harli were invited to a tennis tournament at Northallerton Tennis Club to participate in a competition.  It was a doubles competition  (unmixed). There were 6 schools including us there. It was group stages and both of the two teams won their group stage. Then there was the quarter-finals which the boys won 10-4 and the girls narrowly won at the score 5-4. The semis were a different matter , where the boys bossed them 10-1 and the girls won 7-4!!!! The finals were tense but both teams came out on top with the boys winning 10-5 and the girls winning 6-4. We were awarded gold medals and a cheer from our friends when we got back to school!!!

Overall it was a good day for sport!!!

By Matthew and Tom!! (Tennis Champs)