Sainsbury School Games North Yorkshire Cross Country Final 17/03/16

xcountry final xcountry4 xcountry final 2On Thursday 17th March 2016, Megan Edwards and Lawrence Mason-Smith (both Year 3 children) and myself, Elena Edwards (Year 5), travelled to Dalby Forest to compete in the North Yorkshire cross country finals. Luckily it was a nice sunny day, so we had loads of fun!

The race track was set next to a park so all the other children could stretch and get ready for their race coming up.

We all did very well – Megan came 6th, Lawrence came 25th and I came 25th. It was great because the race went into a forest which helped us to cool down. We raced against different areas around the county including: Selby, Scarborough, Ryedale and Whitby, York, Richmondshire and Craven.

By Elena Edwards

Trip to Durham Cathedral

On Tuesday 15th March Blue and Green Class went to Durham Cathedral as part of our Amazing Journeys topic.

We got off the bus at Prebends Bridge and enjoyed the views of the cathedral as we walked along the bailey. Everyone was amazed by their first view of the cathedral. We looked at the famous door knocker on our way in.

First we had a tour all about the Northern Saints. We learned even more about St Cuthbert, and also about St Hilda, St Bede and St Oswald. Some of us got to dress up! We were all moved by the peace of St Cuthbert’s Shrine and having the opportunity to light a candle and say our school prayer here was a very special moment for us all.

After lunch, we all had some quiet time to explore the cathedral and sketch. We came together at the end of the afternoon for a time of reflection and many of us chose to write our own prayers inspired by the visit. On the way back to the bus we visited a modern statue, called The Journey, which showed Monks carrying St Cuthbert’s coffin.

We had a super trip. Special thank yous to the staff and volunteers at Durham Cathedral and also to our Parent Helpers.


Spring Fair 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported the Spring Fair. We raised £266 and had a super afternoon! Well done to all the children who entered the various competitions.

Easter Paintings

Competition winners: Easter Paintings

Illustrated Spring Poems

Competition winners: Illustrated Spring Poems

Easter Hats

Competition winners: Easter Hats

Competition winner (Green/Yellow class): Lego Vehicle

Competition winner (Green/Yellow class): Lego Vehicle

Yr 5/6 Sainsbury School Sports Netball finals 25/02/2016 – By Rory Barningham & Charlie Pickersgill

20160225_135134-150x150[1] 20160225_134657 20160225_135134 20160225_135529 20160225_140854

On the 25th February South Otterington Primary School found themselves in the netball finals.


SCHOOL                         P     W    D     L     F    A      GD    PTS

Hutton Rudby               5      5    0      0     25   1      24    15

St Peters Brafferton     5       2   2      1     6    5       1       8

Brompton                       5      2     2       1    5    6       -1      8

Husthwaite                     5      2       1     2     8    8         0      7

South Otterington        5      1       1      3     5    10      -5     4

Knayton                         5       0       0      5     1      20    -19   0



Knayton     1       vs    5    South Otterington

St Peters Brafferton     1     vs     0    South Otterington

Hutton Rudby     7     vs      0    South Otterington

Brompton       1  vs   0    South Otterington

Husthwaite   0   vs  0  South Otterington



So as you can see it was a very tough tournament for South Otterington. Although it was very close (often we were only beaten by only one goal),South Otterington played well but were out played  this time round.


Yr 5/6 Swimming Small Schools Competition 09/01/2016 – by Anna Kingston & Sasha Lishman

IMG_0267Various children from our class got chosen to enter a swimming competition in Hambleton leisure centre. Many other schools came to the event; they were: Appleton Wiske, Kirkby Fleetham, Ainderby Steeple, East Cowton and South Otterington (us!). The first race was freestyle then breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly, medley relay last but not least the freestyle relay. We did a cannon relay but that was for fun and didn’t affect the scores. We won the back stroke, came second in freestyle, third in breast stroke, second in butterfly, first in the medley and second in the freestyle overall we came second and that’s the best we have ever done!

Amazing Journeys!


IMG_1166IMG_1165Today we launched our new topic, Amazing Journeys!

In assembly time we had some special deliveries! Yellow Class received a back pack from Antarctica. Blue and Green Class received wooden boxes, elaborately covered in jewels. Red Class received a storage box, ready to go to space. We enjoyed opening our boxes and forming questions about our new areas of study!

Global Learning

This half term we are going to be finding out how to use the internet to learn with students all around the world. We are going to be using a website called which enables people to share information really easily.

To compliment our topic “Amazing Journeys” we want to find out about the kinds of journeys other people make around the world. Green Class have started a padlet (click here) and we already have a reply from a school in Pakistan!

On a Wednesday afternoon Blue Class are going to be sharing their learning with Europedia School in Athens. They want to learn all about life in the UK and we hope in the summer they will help us with our studies of the Olympics!

What an amazing learning journey!

Sainsbury Sports Small Schools Netball tournament 10/02/16 – by Joe Tart & Alex Brigginshaw

On Wednesday 10th February 2016 we went to the netball small schools tournament. We took two teams one south Otterington blacks and one south Otterington reds. We went in with a high spirit and put 101% effort in to winning. There were two pitches one pitch A another pitch B. the first matches were:
South Otterington blacks vs East Cowton
South Otterington reds vs Appleton wiske
The next games were,
South Otterington blacks vs South Otterington reds

South Otterington blacks vs Ainderby Steeple
South Otterington reds vs East Cowton

South Otterington reds vs Ainderby Steeple
South Otterington reds vs Appleton Wiske

We left the tournament with South Otterington blacks winning the tournament to collect gold and South Otterington reds coming in 3rd to receive the bronze medal and South Otterington blacks go to the finals…..
By Alex and Joe Tart

IMG_0336 IMG_0338